Fill in The Blanks for Bank Test (Part 8)

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ওয়েব স্কুল বিডি : সুপ্রিয় শিক্ষার্থী বন্ধুরা, শুভেচ্ছা নিয়ো। আজ তোমাদের Bank Recruitment Exam থেকে English ধারণা নিয়ে আলোচনা করা হলো

অনলাইন এক্সামের বিভাগসমূহ:
সকল শ্রেণির সৃজনশীল প্রশ্ন (খুব শীঘ্রই আসছে)
বিশ্ববিদ্যালয় ভর্তি (খুব শীঘ্রই আসছে)
বিসিএস প্রিলি টেষ্ট

Fill in The Blanks for Bank Recruitment Test (Part 8)
Fill in The Blanks. Simple Sentence: Connector

1.  Emma Thompson was nominated for an Academy Award as both a screenwriter __________ an actress in 1996.
a) also
b) or
c) in addition
d) and
Answer: D

2.  With neither a naturally aggressive disposition ________ particularly large size, the mimic octopus survives quite easily because of its natural adaptations.
a) and a
b) with its
c) nor a
d) or its
Answer: C

3.  Above-ground swimming pools have ________ the flexibility of being able to be moved from place to place but also the efficiency of using less water than standard in- ground pools.
a) that
b) all
c) in addition
d) not only
Answer: D

4.  Life in the Sahara has many negative features including aridity and high temperatures but many positive aspects ________.
a) in addition to
b) as well
c) coupled with
d) plus
Answer: B

5.  As a universal language, Esperanto has never really gained widespread acceptance ________ its lack of native speakers.
a) because
b) as a result
c) in order to
d) due to
Answer: D

6.  Readily soluble in sulfuric and nitric acid, mercury is __________ birth defects can easily result from its ingestion by pregnant women.
a) such poisonous that
b) so poisonous that
c) too poisonous that
d) very poisonous that
Answer: B

7.  Synthetic polymers may be __________ thermoplastic or thermosetting depending on the action of tolylene diisocyanate.
a) both
b) as well as
c) but also
d) either
Answer: D

8.  Road conditions in the United States suffered a severe setback __________ the Civil War.
a) as a result of
b) because
c) despite
d) in spite of the fact that
Answer: A

9. __________ other mollusks, the oyster reproduces by eggs.
a) Like
b) As to
c) Regarding
d) With
Answer: A

10. The introduction of the Japanese persimmon into the United States aroused widespread interest throughout the country __________ the precocity of the trees and the large size and great beauty of the fruit.
a) on account of
b) because
c) nevertheless
d) owing with
Answer: A

11. The white enamel surface is __________ to keep clean in the bathroom, or in any other room, as porcelain.
a) so easy
b) such that easy
c) as easy
d) too easy
Answer: C

12. Colima's isolated, beautifully-shaped cone, is often hidden by masses of dense steam __________, colored red at night from the spewing lava.
a) also smoke
b) and smoke
c) beside smoke
d) its smoke
Answer: B

13. The true lilies developed their beauty __________ an evident need for greater insect pollination.
a) because
b) in answer to
c) so that
d) as with
Answer: B

14. When purchasing a Valentine's Day gift, male customers, according to all surveys, tend to lean toward either a bouquet of red roses purchased online __________ found at a local supermarket.
a) and a box of chocolates
b) also a box of chocolates
c) a box of chocolates
d) or a box of chocolates
Answer: D

15. A retailer must be aware of not only the competition from local stores but also the vagaries of __________ and taste.
a) both fashion
b) some fashion
c) nor fashion
d) as well
Answer: A

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