PEC English Suggestion 2015

Dear Students,How are you?hope that you are well.I am Sirajum Kaspia Lecturer of English at WEB SCHOOL BD.Anyway the PEC-2015 exam will held have not enough time so yo should follow a short cut suggestion to pass in the exam very well.Here i give you a English Suggestion Which is very important for you.

o   Capital Letter & Punctuation: Que No.9
i.         dear Raka
yesterday i got your letter i feel worried of your health follow, the doctors instructions there is anew student in our class her name is poli no more today***

Once there was a hare he was walking beside a forest suddenly he saw a tortoise It was moving very slowly. He laughed at it saying hurry up your are so slow cant you move a little faster***
ii.       The 21st of February 1952 is the language martyrs day on this day in 1952 students in Dhaka gave the their lives for their mother language the day is now called international mother language day. ***
iii.      Aladin Asked his mother to sell the lamp the lamp was dusty so she began to rub it at once another big genie was there It said i am the genie of the lamp. ***
iv.     Shihab’s father is going to eidgah too. “asif come to your house after prayer All of us will have food together,” says ms Fatima banu. “Thank you Ill come and eat with you. ***
        Re-Arranging Letters/words (Question No. 10)
i.         Write the words, sentences correctly so that they make sense.
                                                               i.      were/you where/born?
                                                             ii.      pirojpur/in/the/under/district/of/Kalakhali
                                                            iii.      doesn’t/go/school/he/regularly/to.
                                                           iv.      brother/up/gets/his/from/early/bed.
                                                             v.      eshont
2. Write the words, sentences correctly so that they make sense.
                                                               i.      Class/what/read/you/do/in?
                                                             ii.      five/class/in/
                                                            iii.      to/my/by/goes/his/office/father/bus.
                                                           iv.      miss/you/my/not/class/must.e. mexnaiation.
3. Write the words, sentences correctly so that they make sense.
                                                               i.      our/most/the/place/beautiful/country/in.
                                                             ii.      not/and/I/my/do/cricket/like/brother.c. name/your/what’s/of/the/school?
                                                            iii.      600 Students/our/school/are/in/There?
                                                           iv.      lestaishb
4. Write the words, sentences correctly so that they make sense.
i.         is/mother/tongue/your/what?
ii.       cat/the/the/under/table.c. bed/go/I/to/late/never.
iii.      is/favorite/my/green/color
iv.     ianalm
5. Write the words, sentences correctly so that they make sense.
                                                               i.      fish/name/what/the/is/of/your/national?
                                                             ii.      come/many/have not/students/to/today/class
                                                            iii.      football/playing/in/field/in field/the
                                                           iv.      name/The/of/my/is/Bangladesh/country.
                                                             v.      bsundsaran.
6. Write the words, sentences correctly so that they make sense.
                                                               i.      do/come/when/you/back?
                                                             ii.      sun/after/soon/the/set?
                                                            iii.      we are not going to cox’s Bazar this Year
                                                           iv.      gone/a/I/to/buy/to/shift/have/market.
                                                             v.      amgon
    Dialogue Writing (For Question No-11)
i.         You want to know the important of learning English. ***
ii.       You Want to know how your friend spend his leisure time. ***
iii.      You want to borrow your friends book/bicycle***
iv.     About city life and country life with a friend. ***
v.       Your friend wants to know. ***
vi.     You want to know the way to the bus/rail station/post office. ***
vii.    You want to hear story from teacher/grandmother. **
viii.  you want to know about your friend birthday. **
ix.     you want to ask permission of the teacher to join the

       Complete Simple Forms (For Question- 12)
i.      Form of library card. ***
ii.    Membership form of a language club/health club/children cultural center. ***
iii.   Registration Form of birth/death. ***
iv.  bank Account Form. **
v.    Money order issue Form. **
         Composition Writing (For Question No. 13)
i.         Your Home town. ***
ii.       Visiting a zoo***
iii.      Your Garden***
iv.     Your Favorite Game***
v.       Your Leisure Time***
vi.     My last birthday celebration***
vii.    My country/ My homeland***
viii.  Your School**
ix.     My Reading/ Classroom**
x.       Your Mother/Grandmother. **
     Dear Students it is not Question,but Suggestion.Read Attentively to get better results in the Examination.To get more suggestion stay and connect with us and like our Facebook page

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