Microsoft Excel – Set 5

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Microsoft Excel is widely use Spreadsheet application worldwide. In this set you will get 30 Multiple Choice Questions of Microsoft Excel and four options to each questions, only one options is correct answer. Select your answer and tally with the correct answer which is given at the bottom of this question set.

1. The box on the chart that contains the name of each individual record is called the ________.
A. cell
B. title
C. axis
D. legend

2. If you want all of the white cats grouped together in the database, you need to sort by ________.
A. Color, then Gender
B. Pet Type, then Color
C. Pet Type, then Gender
D. Color, then Pet Name

3. You accidentally erased a record in the sheet. What command can be used to restore it immediately?
A. Insert
B. Copy
C. Undo
D. Replace

4. Where a row and a column meet, what do you call that?
A. A cell
B. A block
C. A box
D. None of the above

5. How do you tell one cell from another?
A. By numbers
B. By letters
C. By its address
D. by color

6. Give me an example of a cell address.
A. 11 25
B. 911
C. 41A
D. A21

7. Which is an example of a formula?
A. =A1+A2
B. =add(A1:A2)
C. A1+A2
D. SUM(A1:A2)

8. Which is an example of a function?
A. =add(A1:A2)
B. =A1+A2
C. =SUM(A1:A2)
D. A1+A2

9. What is the symbol for multiplying?
A. >
B. /
C. !
D. *

10. What is the symbol for dividing?
A ./
B. %
C. &
D. #

11  A function inside another function is called _______
A. Nested function
B. Round function
C. Sum function
D. Text function

12  Which of the following is not an underline option in the format cells dialog box?
A. Double
B. Single Accounting       
C. Double Accounting
D. Single Engineering

13  Formulas in Excel start with
A.   %
B.   =
C.   +
D.   –

14  The default header for a worksheet is
A. Username
B. Date and Time
C. Sheet tab Name
D. None

15  Which of the following is not an option of the spelling dialog box?
A. Ignore
B. Ignore all
C. Edit
D. Change

16  Which of the following methods will not enter data in a cell?
A. Pressing the Esc key
B. Pressing an arrow key
C. Pressing the tab key
D. Clicking the enter button to the formula bar

17  The cell reference for cell range of G2 to M12 is _______
A.   G2.M12
B.   G2;M12
C.   G2:M12
D.   G2-M12

18  What is the keyboard shortcut for creating a chart from the selected cell range?
A.   F2
B.   F4
C.   F8
D.   F11

19 The Software which contains rows and columns is called ______
A. Database
B. Drawing
C. Spreadsheet
D. Word processing

20 You can group noncontiguous worksheets with
A. The alt+enter key
B. The ctrl key and mouse
C. The shift key and the mouse
D. The group button on the standard toolbar

21. What is the AutoComplete feature of Excel?
A. It automatically completes abbreviated words
B. It completes text entries that match an existing entry in the same column
C. It completes text and numeric entries that match an existing entry in the same column
D. It completes text entries that match an existing entry in the same worksheet

22. Which of the following is correct?
A. =AVERAGE(4, 5, 6, 7)
B. =AVERAGE(A1, B1, C1)              
C. =AVERAGE(A1:A9, B1:B9)
D. =All of the above

23. Which of the following function will return a value of 8?
A. ROUNDUP(8.4999, 0)
B. ROUNDDOWN(8.4999, 0)
C. ROUND(8.4999, 0)
D. Only B and C

24. How to restrict to run a macro automatically when starting Microsoft Excel?
A. Hold down the SHIFT key during startup
B. Hold down the CTRL key during startup
C. Hold down the ESC key during startup
D. Hold down the ALT key during startup

25. How to remove the unwanted action from recorded macro without recording the whole macro again?
A. By using the Find and Edit Action Option
B. By clicking on the Refresh button in the Macro toolbar
C. By edit the macro in the Visual Basic Editor
D. Macro cannot be edited.

26. What should be add before a fraction to avoid entering it as a date?
A. //
C. Zero
D. Zero Space

27. Which of the following function will use to find the highest number in a series of number?
A. MAX(B1:B3)
C. HIGH (B1:B3)

28. What does the NOW() function return?
A. It returns the serial number of the current date and time
B. It returns the serial number of the current date
C. It returns the serial number of the current time
D. None of the above

29. What value will display if the formula = “$55.00″+5 is entered into a cell?
A. $60
B. 60
C. “$55.00″+5
D. $60.00

30. What is the shortcut key to insert current date in a cell?
C. CTRL + ;
D. CTRL + /

1 – D / 2 – B / 3 – C / 4 – A / 5 – C / 6 – D / 7 – A / 8 – C / 9 – D /10 – A

11 – A / 12 – D / 13 – B / 14 – D / 15 – C / 16 – A / 17 – C / 18 – D / 19 – C / 20 – B
21 – B / 22 – D / 23 – D / 24 – A / 25 – C / 26 – D / 27 – A / 28 – D / 29 – B / 30 – C

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