Important General Knowledge part9

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General knowledge, current affairs questions and frequently asked gk questions for competitive exam like bank, bcs and government job in Bangladesh and foreign affairs. There are near about 1500 General Knowledge question. You should practice this for any competitive exam.

অনলাইন এক্সামের বিভাগসমূহ:
বিসিএস প্রিলি টেষ্ট
জে.এস.সি সকল শ্রেণির সৃজনশীল প্রশ্ন (খুব শীঘ্রই আসছে)
বিশ্ববিদ্যালয় ভর্তি (খুব শীঘ্রই আসছে)

Important General Knowledge part9

1. Devaluation of money results in an increase in?
Answer: Money Supply

2. Which European country first recognized Bangladesh as an independent nation?
Answer: Poland

 3. As per CSR policy, Mercantile Bank ltd. Spends money on which sectors?
Answer: Education and Health

4. What is the name of the 3G internet modem of Teletalk?
Answer: Flash

5. Who designed the National Emblem of Bangladesh?
Answer: Quamrul Hassan

6. What is the full form of TICFA?
Answer: Trade and Investment Co-operation Forum Agreement.

7. Amnesty International is?
Answer: A human rights group.

8. Who invented the genome of jute?
Answer: Maksudul Alam

9. How many international airports does Bangladesh have?
Answer: 3

10. Olympic 2016 will be hosted by which country?
Answer: Brazil

11. The term ‘ light year’ is related to what?
Answer: Distance

12 .The name of the first Bangladesh female conquering the Everest is ?
Answer: Nishat Mazumder

13. IC chips used in computer are made of?
Answer: Silicon

14. ‘Philology’ is the ?
Answer: Study of language

15. The parliament of Russia is known as ?
Answer: Duma and council of the federation

16. Which one is a risk management protocol of Banks?
Answer: Basel II

17. Which one is the latest gas field identified by BAPEX?
Answer: Srikail

18. Who is the highest wicket taker in International Test Cricket?
Answer: Muttiah Muralitharan

19. CIB stand for?
Answer; Credit Information Bureau

20. The Wall Streen Journal is a US based international Daily with a special emphasis on?
Answer: Business

21. Generalized system of preference (GSP) was first implemented by?
Answer: European Union

22. Pencil lead is primarily made of?
Answer: Graphite

23. Which is used to classify a bank overall condition?
Answer: CAMEL rating

24. Tachometer is the speed indicator of ?
Answer: Airplanes

25. Which film owns the Oscars in best picture category in 2013?

26. Washing Soda is the common name for?
Answer: Sodium Carbonate

27. The inert gas which is substituted for nitrogen in the air used by deep sea divers for breathing, is? Answer: Helium

28. Wimbledon Open is associated with which of the Sports?
Answer: Tennis

29. Bangladesh has exported ship for first time to which country?
Answer: Denmark

30. Which is a specialized machinery build to control fire in multi storied buildings?
Answer: Skylift

31. Percentage of Oxygen in H2O is ?
Answer: 88.8%

32. Major macroeconomic objective of the government is?
Answer: A fall in the prices of crude oil.

33. In 1971 the Concert for Bangladesh was held in?
Answer: New York

34. Bangladesh receives Maximum amount of loan from which country?
Answer: Japan

35. In October 2013 which of the following countries had announced that it would become the first member of the Euro Zone, to exit an international bail-out program?
Answer: Ireland.

36. The different between lending and borrowing rate at banks is called?
Answer: Spread

37. Which one of the following is not included in the formal sectors of financial system of Bangladesh? Answer: NGO

38. In which layer of the atmosphere do most weather phenomena occur?
Answer: Troposphere

39. Galvanized Iron sheets have a coating of?
Answer: Zinc

40. A plant leaf appears green because it?
Answer: Reflects green light

41. GNP stands for?
Answer: Gross National Product

42. Which district of Bangladesh is the smallest in size?
Answer: Narayanganj

43. How frequently does the Bangladesh Bank announce the Monetary Policy of Bangladesh?
Answer: Half Year

44. After the USA, which country has the largest economy in the world?
Answer: China

45. How many countries are members of the SAARC?
Answer: 8

46. Which is the Largest Lake in the world?
Answer: Caspian Sea

47. SDR is the currency unit of?
Answer: IMF

48. The book titled ‘The Ultimate Fate of the Universe’ is written by the scientist?
Answer: Jamal Nazrul Islam

49. The currency of Brazil is ?
Answer: Real

50. The Lady freedom fighter in the liberation war who was awarded ‘ Bir Protik’ is?
Answer: Setara Begum.

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