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General knowledge, current affairs questions and frequently asked gk questions for competitive exam like bank, bcs and government job in Bangladesh and foreign affairs. There are near about 1500 General Knowledge question. You should practice this for any competitive exam.

51) The ancient name of Barisal is – Chandradeep.
52) Bangladesh constitutions was adopted -16 December, 1972
53) The authority to issue an ordinance in Bangladesh is – president.
54) The source of the river Karnaphuli is – Lushai Hills.
55) The ratio of length and breadth of the national flag of Bangladesh is – 5:3
56) Rupantarita Prakritik Gas Company Ltd (RPGCL) is a company of – Petrobangla.
57) Number of female persons who were awarded the title ‘Bir Protik’ for their contribution in the liberation war of Bangladesh - 2
58) The subject which is more focused in the national anthem of Bangladesh is – Natural Beauty of Bangladesh.
59) The national game of Bangladesh is – Kabaddi.
60) The first museum in Bangladesh is – Varendra Museum.

61) SAARC Agricultural Information centre is located in – Dhaka
62) The historic ‘Paharpur’ is situate in – Naogaon.
63) The river padma enters Bangladesh through – Rajshahi.
64) Three Bangali people have won Nobel prizes so far. The areas in which the prizes were acquired are – Literature, Economics and Peace.
65) 21st February was the same date of – 8th Falgun.

66) The national tree of Bangladesh is – Mango tree.
67) The sector that consumed the most natural gas in Bangladesh is – Power.
68) The first sea shore gas field in Bangladesh is – Sangu
69) The architect of Mishuk – Hamiduzzaman Khan
70) Cellular telephone starts in Bangladesh at – 8 August 1993.

71) The minimum age for becoming vote in Bangladesh is – 18 years
72) The largest tribe in Bangladesh is – Chakma.
73) An institution was created due to language movement named – Bangla Academy.
74) Bangladesh government at first took its oath in the district of – Meherpur.
75) The spelling of Dacca changed to Dhaka in the year of -1988.

76) Bangladesh Folk Art Museum is located in – Sonargaon.
77) The last Mughal Emperor – Bahadur Shah Jafar.
78) The largest land port of Bangladesh is – Benapole.
79) Most northern point of Bangladesh is – Bangla Bandha.
80) National Agricultural Day of Bangladesh – 1st Agrahayan.

81) The designer of national poet Kazi Nazrul Islam Complex – Mazharul Islam
82) The first prime minister of temporary government of Bangladesh – Tajuddin Ahmed.
83) The ‘Uttara Gano Bhaban’ is situate in – Natore.
84) The Mughal emperor visited Dhaka is – Humayun.
85) The national flag of independence Bangladesh was hosted on – 2 March 1971

86) The number of districts in Rajshahi Division is -8
87) First community radio of Bangladesh is – Radio Padma.
88) The famous Bangladeshi player Mr. Siddiqur Rahman plays – Golf
89) The organization declared 21st February as the international Mother Language Day is – UNESCO. 90) The Mosque of Binot Bibi is located at - Dhaka

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