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General knowledge, current affairs questions and frequently asked gk questions for competitive exam like bank, bcs and government job in Bangladesh and foreign affairs. There are near about 1500 General Knowledge question. You should practice this for any competitive exam.

1) The headquarter of CIRDAP is in – Dhaka
2) The first parliamentary election of Bangladesh was held in -1973
3) The governance structure of Bangladesh is – parliamentary.
4) Bangladesh Bank was established in -1971
5) Dhaka division consists of – 17 districts
6) Bangladesh got the membership of the United Nations is in- 1974
7) BASIC Bank started its operation in -1989
8) The last independent Sultan of Bangal – Ghiyasuddin Mahmud Shah.
9) The Chittagong hill tracts peace accord was signed in -1997
10) The Portuguese arrived at Chittagong and received trade permit for the first time in -1498

11) Time difference of Bangladesh with ‘Greenwich mean time’ is -6 hours.
12) The last Mughal emperor – Bahadur Shah
13) The highest gallant award in Bangladesh – Birsheshtho
14) The only foreigner who got the title Birprotik – W.A.S. Oderland
15) The value added Tax introduced in Bangladesh in – 1 july 1991

16) The constitution of Bangladesh has been amended -15 times.
17) Bengal was first partitioned in -1905
18) The river which divides Bangladesh and Myanmar – the Naf
19) The president of the National Assembly of Bangladesh – Speaker
20) The first finance minister of Bangladesh – Tajuddin Ahmed.

21) The T20 BPL Tournament 2012 matches were played -33
22) The present governor of Bangladesh Bank is –Dr. Atiur Rahman.
23) The largest importer of Bangladeshi product is – USA
24) The Mujibnagar Government was formed on – April 10,1971
25) NAEM stands for – National Academy for Educational Management.

26) Champion of the 2012 Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) T20 – Dhaka Gladiators.
27) The largest Division in Bangladesh is – Chittagong.
28) Architect of National Parliament Bhaban was – Lui Kan.
29) Number of reserved seats for women in the National parliament of Bangladesh is – 50
30) The movie ‘Pather Panchali’ was directed by – Satyajit Roy.

31) Number of districts in Bangladesh have border with India -30
32) In terms of land area, the largest island in Bangladesh – Bhola.
33) The country introduced the concept of SAARC – Bangladesh
34) The first paper mill established in Bangladesh is – Karnaphuli paper mills.
35) The current name of the former ministry of establishment of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh – Ministry of Public Administration.

36) Bangladesh Rice Research Institute (BRRI) is located in – Gazipur
37) The recently celebrated new Bangla year is -1420
38) In terms of land area, the largest district of Bangladesh is – Rangamati
39) During the Liberation War, Bangladesh was divided into -11 sectors
40) The first African country to recognize Bangladesh as an independent country – Senegal

41) Bay of Bengal is in – Indian Ocean.
42) The head of the government of Bangladesh is – Prime Minister.
43) The designer of our national flag – Kamrul Hasan.
44) Highest single contribution to GDP in Bangladesh comes from the sector – Agriculture.
45) The first European country recognized Bangladesh as an independent country is – Poland.

46) Articles of the constitution of Bangladesh remain under suspension during the period of emergency are – 36,37,38,39,40,42
47) First captain in the test cricket of Bangladesh is – Naimur Rahman
48) The first Bangladeshi woman who climbed Mount Everest is – Nisat MOzumdar.
49) The acronym BARD stands for – Bangladesh Academy for Rural Development.
50) The current population growth rage in Bangladesh is – 1.37%

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