UML Descriptive question Chapter-02

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Problems in Information System Development

1.Define quality.
Ans. Quality means fitness for purpose. Since it can be hard to identify the purpose.

2.What is Stakeholder?
Ans. A stakeholder has an interest in a project because they are(or will be) affected by its programs of by its results. 3. What are the main underline causes of problem in information system?
Ans. The main underline causes of problem in IS are discus in the following perspective
a) And end users perspective-
1. A software product that is much talked about but never released to its intended users.
2. System may fail to meet the criterion of usability in a numbers of ways such as poor interface design, inappropriate or illogical sequence of data entry, incomprehensive error messages, unhelpful help, poor response times and unreliability in operation
3. System is very pretty but it does not do anything useful.

b) A clients perspective-
1. Some clients also have the power to stop a project once it is underway.
c) A developers perspective.

4. Difference between Quality problem and productivity problem.
Quality problem
1. It means fitness for purpose.
2. For quality assurance it is necessary to know -the purpose of system and
-how to measure its fitness.

productivity problem
1. It relates to rate of progress of a project and the resources that is consumes along the way.
2. For productivity it is necessary to know
-if the product delivered.
-it it is delivered in time.
-if it affordable

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