How to Keep a Diary

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How to Keep a Diary

Keeping a diary is a great way to express our emotions on paper and treasure experiences. Years from now, we'll wonder what we were doing years ago. A diary will remind us of the good - and bad - times we had in
our past. A diary can also help vent out anger and frustration as well as excitement. It is a great way to express our feelings and pour out our heart when we're sad or when we  just need someone to tell our innermost thoughts to. Firstly, we have to write in some basic information about ourself on the first page. We could include our name, our age, our best friend, our occupation or school grade, and a few of our hobbies and favorite things. Secondly, we have to start our first entry by labeling the top with the weekday and date, the time, and possibly where you were when writing that entry. Thirdly, we don't be afraid to even give our diary a name. Fourthly, we  can write our frustrations and celebrations, but also write everyday things about our schedule, our friends, and the things we like to do. Then we have to start again if we have a break from writing. If we do skip a day, days, or even weeks, don't worry about it. Just start in again from the current day. Next we have to read our old entries every so often and see what we  think now in comparison to then. At last we have to make sure of  hide it too. It's a personal diary so it needs to be safe.

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