UML Information System Descriptive question

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1. What is System?
Ans. System is an abstraction of a complex interacting set of elements, for which it is possible to identify a boundary, and environment, inputs and outputs, a control mechanism and some process or transformation that the system achieves.

2. What are the characteristics of a system?
Ans. A System has the following characteristics
a) A System exists in an environment.
b) A system is separated from its environment by some kind of boundary.
c) Systems have inputs and outputs. They receive inputs from their environment and send outputs into their environment.
d) Systems have interfaces. An interface allows communication between two systems.
e) A system may have sub-systems. A sub-system is also a system and may have further subsystems of its own.
f) System control relies on feedback (and sometimes feed-forward). These comprise information about the System’s operation as its environment that is passed to the control mechanism.
g) A system has some properties that are not directly dependent on the properties as they only emerge at the level of the system as a whole.

3. What are the element of a system?
Ans. Elements of a system are-
a) Boundary and environment
b) Input, output and interface
c) Sub-systems
d) Control in systems
e) Feedback
f) Feed-forward
g) Emergent properties

4. What is the difference between information and data?
Ans. Information is the facts that have been selected as relevant to a purpose and then organized or processed in such a way that they have meaning for that purpose. Information is conveyed by message and has meaning. On the other hand, data is raw facts that not yet identified as relevant to any particular purpose.

5. Difference between IS and IT.

6. Difference between feedback and feed forward.


7. What is the purpose of MIS?

Ans. The purpose of MIS is to
-Extract data from existing operational system.
-and analysis or combine it to give managing in information about the part of the organization for which they were responsible.

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