Important General Knowledge part1

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General knowledge, current affairs questions and frequently asked gk questions for competitive exam like bank, bcs and government job in Bangladesh and foreign affairs. There are near about 1500 General Knowledge question. You should practice this for any competitive exam.

1) The number one natural wonder of the world- Iguazu Waterfalls, Brazil

2) The country which gives Bangladesh the maximum amount of loan is- Japan

3) The headquarter of world tourism organization is in- Madrid, Spain

4) The Geneva Convention deals with- conduct of war.

5) The book ‘Glimpses of World History’ was written by- Jawaharlar Nehru.

6) Mother Teresa was born in – Mecidonia

7) The largest island in the world is – Greenland.

8) Naiko Gas Company belongs to the country is- Canada

9) February 21st was declared international mother language day by – Unesco

10) The city is called ‘The City of Flowering Trees’- Harare.

11) For which historical event the year of 1789 is renowned- French revolution.

12) Naigra falls is located in – North America

13) The American General who led the revolt against the British and declared American independence was- George Washington.

14) The country that accounts for nearly one third of the total teak production of the world is-

15) The name of statesman who received Noble prize for literary work is- Churchill.

16) Albert Einstein was born in – Germany.

17) The largest Ocean of the world is p Pacific Ocean.

18) International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) is located in – Manila, Philippines.

19) The industrial revolution was started in – England

20) ‘NASAKA’ is the border force of – Myanmar.

21) Golan Heights is a cause of discord between- Syria and Israel.

22) Name of the country, which has largest rainforest- Brazil.

23) Transfer of foreign fugitive to his home country is – Extradition.

24) The country that is called ‘the door of Europe’ is –Vienna (Austria)

25) Nelson Mandela was born in – 18 July

26) Bangladesh workers safety initiative was declared by – Alliance for workers safety in Washington.

27) Who is Edwared Snowden? – A former official of central intelligence agency (CIA) who leaked surveillance programme of the USA.

28) Name of newly elected party in Bhutan – Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)

29) General Aung San, who was the father of Aung San Suu Kyi assassinated on – 19 July 1947.

30) Who is the Chief justice of India (CJI) at present? Justice P Sathasivam.

31) President Mohamed Morsi was ousted on – 03 July 2013

32) Adly Mansour takes oath as interim President of Egypt on – 04 July 2013

33) Malala Yousafzai delivered her speech at the UN on- 12 July 2013.

34) Who is the interim Prime Minister of Egypt- Hazem el Beblawi.

35) Che Guevara was born on – 14 June 1928 in Argentina.

36) Black teenager of America Trayvon Martin was killed by – George Zimmerman.

37) The most innovative country according to the Global innovation Index (GII) is- Switzerland.

38) Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated on – 30 January 1948 By Nathuram Godse.

39) British Foreign Minister at present is – William Hague.

40) The major export partner country of Bangladesh is – the USA.

41) At present number of offices of the central Bank countrywide is – 10

42) Taka 10 polymer note was first introduced in Bangladesh 2000.

43) The Euro introduced to world Financial market – 1 January 1999.

44) The Chittagong Stock Exchange was established in – 1995

45) The apex body of the private sector business community in Bangladesh is –FBCCI.

46) The act adopted for prevention of use and transfer of money illegally is called – Money Laundering Prevention Act.

47) BIA stand for – Bangladesh Insurance Academy.

48) The largest trading block in the world is –WTO.

49) A common form of inter bank short term borrowing is – call money

50) CAMEL rating is a system that – assigns a numerical rating to a bank.

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