SSC English 2nd Paper Suggestion

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SSC English 2nd Paper Suggestion

CV with Cover letter
1. For a Computer Operator
2. For a Personal Assistant
3. For a Teacher in English
4. For an Assistant marketing
5. For an Office Executive
6. For the position of a Journalist
7. For the position of receptionist
8. For the post of an Auditor
9. For the Post of a clerk
10. For the position of a tutor
Formal Letter
2.*** Sinking a deep tube well
3.***Setting up a debating club.
4.***Setting up a canteen
5.***Common room facilities
6. ***Seat in the School hoste
7.***Relief goods and Medical
8. ***Study Tour/Excursion
9.***Application for TC
10. **Morning School
11. **For repairing the direction
a bridge.
12. **For Full free studentship

1. ***Traffic Jam
2. ***National Flag
3. **A good teacher
4. **Rickshaw puller
5. **Mobile Phone
6. **Deforestation
7. ***A Rainy Day
8. ***Road Accident
9. ***A Street hawker/beggar
10. **Early Rising
11. ***School Magazine
12. ***A Farmer/ A day laborer
13. **A Railway Station/A Bus
14. *Village Doctor
15. **A moon lit night
16.** A winter morning

Composition Writing
***The Season You Like Most
***Importance of Reading
***Physical Exercise
***Population Problem in
***Student Life
***Modern Science
***Your Aim in Life
**A Village Fair/ Market
***Value of time
**Your Childhood Memories
*The Journey you have recently
*** The game you like most

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Sirajum Kaspia
February 11, 2016 at 11:18 PM ×

Its helpful. but need more short suggestion...


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