Java UML MCQ Questions-01

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Java UML MCQ Questions-01 Descriptive Questions on UML

1. What is pattern? How do patterns help the software?
Ans: A pattern is an abstract solution to a commonly occurring problem in a given context. Patterns are more abstract and general.
a. Pattern provides a mechanism for the reuse of generic solutions for object oriented and other approaches.
b. Pattern offers a vocabulary for discussing the problem domain.
1. Which one, you think, has brought immense change to the scope an nature of information systems?
The application of Internet
The application high-speed communication
The application of information technology (IT)
The rise of global market in modern times

2. Which of the following is or are the elements of an IS?
A human activity that needs information
Some stored data
An input method for entering data
above all

3. Which of the following is or are the typical advantages of using computers in a IS?
High speed
Low cost
above all

4. All useful systems ______ their inputs into useful outputs. Which one best fits the blank space?

5. Which one is most important element of a system that endures?
Control mechanism

6. _________ allows communication between two systems. Pick the most appropriate for the blank.
An interface
A control
A subsystem
A feedback loop

7. A system receives inputs from its _____________. Pick the most appropriate for the blank.
control mechanism

8. Many systems have a specialist sub-system whose function is to control the operation of the system as a whole. What do we call this type of sub-system?
Control sub-system
Balancing sub-system

9. In some approach, inputs are fed into the system and outputs are delivered to the environment but internal processing is hidden. What do we call this type of approach?
Hidden approach
Sand-box approach
Black-box approach
Encapsulation approach

10. Control in a system relies on either __________ or_________.
both b&c

11. Which of the following is or are the typical advantages of computers?
High speed
Low cost
Above all

12. . ________________ assist or control business operations.
Operational systems
Real-time control systems
Management support systems
Control Systems

13. Which one of the following is responsible for identifying the hardware components and configuration for implementing an IS strategy in an organization?
Business strategy
IS strategy
IT strategy
IS modeling

14. Which of the following is or the role of a computer in an IS?
above all

15. Which one correctly defines the black box approach?
It treats a system an opaque box whose inputs and outputs are not known
It treats a system an opaque box whose internal workings are hidden completely hidden
It treats a system as an opaque box which takes inputs but delivers no outputs
It treats a system as an opaque box which takes no inputs but delivers outputs

16. Some features of a system does not present in any of its component but in the whole system. What do we call this type of properties?
Control property
Emergent property

17. ___________typically operate physical equipment, often in safety-critical settings. Which one best fits the blank.
Operational Systems
Management support Systems
Real-time Control Systems
Security Systems

18. Find out the main players in an IS development project?
Above all

19. Who are the end-users of an IS?
Those who will benefit from the system’s outputs, directly or indirectly
Those who commission the project, pay for it or have the power to halt it
Those who will produce the software
Those only use the final output of the system

20. Which of the following is or are the problems in a IS from an end user’s perspective?
A. A system that is promised but not delivered
B. A system that is difficult to use
C. A system that doesn’t meet its users’ needs
Above all

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